A twenty-something Muslim Londoner who has mastered the art of using both right and left sides of the brain. Or, put more simply, a Politics graduate who is interested in academia, food and creativity (and yes, I know no-one ever said they were mutually exclusive. I get it).

What is a ‘Sugared Almond’?:

A sugared almond, the most common form of dragées (fancy)is a sweet treat that consists of an almond encapsulated in a hard, sugar shell. If you come from an Arabic speaking family like I do, you might recognize them as ملبس (Mlabbas). These coveted sweets were normally stored in an over-the-top glass jar and offered to guests at special occasions.  The ‘for guests only’ sweets were usually stored away from the not-too-special family members (I’m sure every family has their forbidden sweets treasure trove too).

Now, onto why I chose this name for my blog. Well, it has nothing to do with the sweet I just described above. The blog name Sugared Almond derives from my tiresome struggle to perfect macarons. That’s where the Almond part comes from. As for the Sugared part, that signifies my sweet victory over the delicate nuisances that took 9 long attempts to first get right. So, think of Sugared Almond as sweet, almondy triumph.